I facilitate highly participative workshops from the  Business of Thinking® series, for teams or companies to address a variety of needs that could include Team productivity and collaboration, agile Problem-solving, Creative thinking and clear Communication. As a Certified HBDI® Practitioner I am confident using a well-established cognitive framework, applicable in any business context.


Each individual completes a HBDI® Assessment. This becomes central to personal debriefing of the profile, team profiles and workshops. This profile also includes a downloadable version through the HBDI® Mobile App (android & mac) for easy reference and on-the-job growth, providing evenmore value to your "thinkers".

Start Thinking


Start Thinking is a group learning program, built on the foundation of Whole Brain® Thinking.  Implementing this brings much clarity to a team, shaping the future together. This workshop lays the
foundation for individuals to understand their thinking preferences. In addition to introducing Whole Brain® Thinking concepts and their application to everyday
business, it also includes a review of the participant’s Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument® (HBDI®) Profile and
focuses on thinking preferences, by using as a departure point each participant's Individual profile, which helps them understand:-

* Strong preferences

* Stress profile

* Communication 

* Team synergy potential


ThinkAbout Teams


A team is usually formed because one person cannot do it alone, and Whole Brain® teams can bring tremendous value to an organization. In one example, a company found that teams comprising the full spectrum of thinking styles were structured or managed properly, the “team” can end up being just a collection of people working lone. While teams succeed or struggle for a variety of reasons, one critical success factor is how well the team takes advantage of its available thinking preferences to take
on challenges and tasks. Whole Brain® Thinking can dramatically impact the ability of a team to unleash and combine the best thinking and talents of individual team members so that the team works together as a whole—one

that is much greater than the sum of its parts. During this workshop teams will learn:-

* The value of Team Diversity

* Great team design

* Team preference maps

* What do I bring to the team?

* Enhancing team performance

ThinkAbout Communication


Many of the day-to-day business problems we face are communication problems, or are the result of poor communication. In customer-facing as well as internal functions, getting through to people of the same and different thinking styles is critical to personal and organizational effectiveness. That’s why a wide variety of organizations are using  Whole Brain® Thinking as the basis for a “common

language” to improve communication skills,  measurable business and leading the market in customer satisfaction rates. During this half-day workshop, participants will discuss the impact their thinking preferences have on the way they  communicate. They will then learn to communicate more effectively using the Whole Brain ® Communicator

and practice communicating from all four quadrants of the Whole Brain® Model. They will learn:-

*Identify others’ thinking preferences in
relation to your preferences and situation

* How do I listen?

* Miscommunication

* Presenting your ideas

* Adapting to change