Life coaching


In coaching it is so important to help clients articulate what it is that they are trying to accomplish in their personal and professional lives. Using their HBDI® profile as a roadmap has proven to be an irreplaceable guide for my natural intuition about what people are really looking for in life. They may not have identified an exact direction, but their preferences never fail to illuminate where life is most satisfying for them. 


What a gift for my clients—to validate and support their right to be uniquely themselves, and to give them a four-color visual that literally points to their life direction!


These sessions usually happen via SKYPE or ZOOM, and each situation is discussed uniquely when creating a roadmap and cost plan. Each coaching session starts with the completion of a unique personal profile.



Personal coaching


In areas of:-

* Stress management

* Performance management

* Achieving a new dream

* New life direction

Career coaching


In areas of:-

* Career shifts

* Management

* Leadership

* Performance

Relational coaching


In areas of:-

* Parent / Child conflicts

* Relational health

* Communication

* Want to get 'unstuck?"